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Mike’s new cd titled “The Game ” is now on sale!

One of the songs on the new CD “Wild Side” is about 2 teenagers in a small town in the mid-west. They have their dedicated family lifestyle yet have a wild side in them that calls them to a different place. Eventually they move to the big city to feed their curiosity. The song tells about their travels.

Another song on the CD “U Drive Me” has some excellent axe work by Bobby B.

“Temptation Alley” has some excellent piano work by Jules Fischer. Tim & I had a blast adding sound effects on this album’s fun song called “Stupid Golf”. Stupid Golf is about a group of guys playing golf as an excuse to escape life, act stupid and drink an excessive amount of beer. The song also includes some craziness that goes along with that adventure.

Mixing & recording of the cd, as usual was done by Tim at Basement Floor Studios. Mastering was done in Virginia by Bill Wolf.

Now we will start a song listening project to determine the strongest commercial songs on the CD. We will pick a combination of male-females in the following age brackets:

High School
age 25-45

You can currently purchase your copy of the 1st CD by going to