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Basement Floor is a Baltimore rock band that was active from the 1970s through the early 2000s, touring up and down the east coast, and selling thousands of records. Basement Floor is not playing live anymore, but we are in the process of remixing and finishing hundreds of songs we did over the last 30 years, songs that were never released. Now we’re finishing them and making them available.


BASEMENT FLOOR GREATEST HITS Volume 1 is now available for the first time ever on CD!

The remix of the album was released May 16, 2008!

The album includes 2 songs that were recorded during the August 1982 to May 1983 sessions that were never issued.

After weeks of baking we were finally able to successfully transfer the original 8 track master tapes to 24 bit digital files. After the transfers we remixed the old demos that comprised the first Basement Floor album – originally released on vinyl & cassette tape back in December, 1983 on Eastern Records.

The album was titled “Basement Floor Greatest Hits”. Most of the songs on the original album were suppose to be on the ill-fated Atlantic Records project “We’ve Got You Covered” but the deal went bad. It was a 5 year, 5 album deal so by the time 1983 rolled around we should have been on our 4th album – so as a joke we titled the album “Greatest Hits. After 4 years of constant writing we surely had enough songs to compile a greatest hits collection. We thought the songs on the album were good but not necessarily our best or greatest songs…:~)

It was all tongue-in-cheek for the sake of making light of our recent business troubles.

There are nearly 100 more songs that were recorded during the late 70s through the late 80s that still need to be mixed. We are hoping to do this over the next few years so we can make these songs available as well.

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