Record Producer

Are you thinking about hiring a record producer to help you take the next step with your music? You’ve come to the right place. Over the last 30 years or so, record producer Tim Miskimon has worked with a number of artists from New York to Florida, producing hundreds of records during that time. Tim plays 12 different instruments and is an expert when it comes to strings, horns and vocal arrangements.

For most indie musicians the idea of hiring a record producer might seem out of reach. But in reality, hiring someone to produce your demo or album might be smarter, more practical and cheaper than you might think. Good record producers make songs, sounds and arrangements better, and can identify an artist’s or band’s strengths and weaknesses, then develop a plan for making the most of the former and diminishing the latter, all without compromising your artistic integrity.

At Basement Floor Productions, we work with you through the three main phases of music production. The first and arguably most important is “preproduction.”This is the process of selecting and improving songs that will be recorded. And for that, a good music producer should have deft arranging and orchestration skills, as well as a strong knowledge of song structure and lyric intelligence. The beauty of working with Basement Floor Productions is not only can we produce your record, but we have our own recording studio, sound engineers, backup vocals, instrumentalists and more all in one spot. We’ll also help you in picking and arranging the songs that are the best match for your audience.

The “production” stage involves the actual recording of the album. Tim takes on the role of director, guru, muse, psychologist, cheerleader, negotiator and whatever else might be required to get the job done.We’ll help you make an album that is true to the your creative core, even if this requires helping you discover exactly what that core is during preproduction.

After the album is recorded, we’ll do the “mixing.” That’s when we take multiple recorded tracks and combine them into one or more channels. We manipulate level, frequency content, dynamics and panoramic position, and add effects such as reverb.Over the years, we have found that some bands and artists who mix themselves tend to sabotage hooks and other interesting events in songs by mixing certain parts too loudly, or failing to delete elements that have been recorded in the interest of helping the best parts of songs. That’s where our years of expertise come in.

The final stage of album making is “mastering,” where we troubleshoot any issues and improve the final sound. After mixing, our mastering engineer prepares the final product for reproduction on a CD, for radio, or steaming audio.

Call Basement Floor Productions today at 410-477-4940 to talk to our record producer and learn more about the process.