Basement Floor Productions

We offer a top-notch recording studio, record producer, professional songwriter, sound system installation, sound system rental, lighting rental, and more. Basement Floor Productions offers professional music production services, a top of the line recording studio, and much more to artists up and down the east coast. Located in Baltimore, Maryland, we have been serving the Music Industry for more than 42 years.  If you’re looking for an experienced record producer and songwriter, give us a call at 410-477-4940 – noon til 6 pm most days. Local Artists We’ve worked with a number of local bands and some not so local bands on their CDs. We’ve worked with artists from just about every genre, including rock, pop, jazz, R&B, punk, metal, easy listening, bluegrass, country, reggae and more. Check out this page to see who we’ve worked with, and listen to some of their music. Basement Floor is one of the oldest, continuously running music production companies and recording studios in the Baltimore area. That’s because we are good at what we do. Our combined experience with musicians, clubs, record companies, TV, radio, equipment manufacturers, trade magazines, distributors and fans have allowed us to become one of the most sought after music production companies on the East Coast.

We have been serving the Music Industry for more than 42 years.